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Mynt Group Communications Systems is an excellent provider of Wireless coverage enhancement solutions for Cellular Operators and Custom Tower BTS Installations for GSM network Companies. We also install and maintain Vsat modules.

In accordance with MYNTCOMMS goal of paying special attention to customer needs, MYNT COMMS provides a perfect solution for CDMA and GSM BTS co-site construction. With guaranteed network QOS, it can quicken BTS construction, save on auxiliary equipment, expenditures and cut network construction costs.


Supports state-of-the-art, highly reliable communications and information systems that solve the mission-critical communications we provide complete solution for wireless site installation projects:

BTS, BSC, Feeder Cable, Erection and mounting of antenna, Microwave Links cable ladder, cable tray, feeder clamp, grounding kits, entry panel, etc


MYNT  COMMUNICATIONS is selected preferred supplier to Major GSM communications Providers such as Ericsson, Nokia, Siemens, Alcatel, Huawei, and ZTE

Mynt communications ltd is a Kenyan company incorporated on 4th January 2009 under Certificate of Incorporation No. C1*******.

Mynt Group communications is a fast growing telecommunication on company, actively involved in different telecommunication and infrastructure projects.

Over the years MYNT Comms has earned a reputation of providing quality services to meet requirements of major telecom players in Kenya and abroad. This has been achieved by taking special care in bringing resources with appropriate skills for required projects.





Today Mynt group Communications. Has reached the critical mass, from where it is ideally suited to provide boundless service in major areas of Telecom Technology

With its strong presence in Kenyan Telecommunication market and a growth rate of over 100% per annum, Mynt Group Comms. Today day employs telecom Engineers and Technicians personnel; additionally it has access to a larger pool of resources through flexible and fast hiring policy.



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